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My name is Chrysanthos Karavias. I originate from Ithaca island. My family left the island at the beginning of the 20th century and found its way to Santorini island. That's where I was born, raised, and had my own family.

In 2000 coming back to Ithaca for the first time and seeing the energy and the magic that the island transmits, I decided to return to my roots. Ever since, I have remained at my ancestors' island.

Here in Ithaca, I decided to get involved with cheese-making, using the products offered by nature and enjoying experimenting and bringing back to life old, traditional techniques.

I am surrounded by unique raw materials from the milk of the native sheep and goats that roam the countryside, the special herbs that grow everywhere, and the natural environment with its caves, nooks, and crannies.

Inspired by myths and tradition, I make my cheese from local fresh milk. My cheese is soaked in the sea breeze that makes everything unique.

Chrysanthos Karavias

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artisan cheese
handcrafted in Ithaca

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