white cheese from fresh, local goat milk.

I had already been a cheese maker in the island for four years, and my dream was to find goat milk to make goat cheese. In Ithaca, only a few goats are milked. Their milk was usually mixed with sheep milk so as to gain flavor.

While searching, I shared my dream with my dear Ithaca friends. Each one helped me in their own way. Nikos, the owner of a local canteen, was the one who named the cheese «gidaki» from the homonymous beach in Ithaca. He told me that, if I managed to find the milk, I should call it «Idaki» , because in Ithaca everybody knows it as «idaki».

One night, during a gathering with good friends, I shared my quest with Giannis, our school's art teacher. He said, "I would like to add my personal touch if you make the gidaki cheese, or should I call it gidaki..."

So he took a piece of paper and drew three little sketches with his pen... That cheese has a lot of value. It honors many beloved people from Ithaca and Greece in general.

plain, with garlic, spicy bukovo pepper, sapsicho, oregano, spearmint, basil

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artisan cheese
handcrafted in Ithaca

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