white cheese matured in a cave, made from fresh, local sheep and goat milk.

This cheese was made almost by accident. One day we realized that one of our white cheeses was forgotten. When we finally remembered it, it had turned yellow. Its taste and aromas excited us.

I decided to produce it, but wanted to follow the same natural maturation process just like the one that matured on its own. For that reason I had to find a different space, something like a cave, just like cheese makers used to do in the Homeric times.

The results I got confirmed my theory. The aromas, the color, the taste, and the texture are different from any other cheese I make.

Tsemperis was the nickname of our family. Karavias-Tsemperis and it honors our name in Ithaca.

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artisan cheese
handcrafted in Ithaca

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